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This is for one of my absolute favourite characters in the House of Night Series, Rephaim¬† the Raven Mocker. He is half raven, half man who is an offspring¬† of rape and lust. He and his brothers were created as a result of the fallen angel Kalona’s carnal rampage on the women of the earth. He escapes entrapment from beneath the earth when his father is raised from the depths by the evil high priestess Neferet. Exceedingly evil, he lives to kill and destroy until he is saved by the red vampire Stevie Rae. Physically battered after a battle,¬† he is found by the red vampire who hides him, tends to his injuries and saves him from dying. When he accidentally imprints with her, he begins to feel an existence of a heart fluttering buried deep inside beneath the thick layers of selfish pride, evil and depravity. Thus begins his long journey of love and atonement.


Bird-man, man-bird, a heart malignantly dark,
born from a seed so black and stark.

Vile was his charm, wicked were his deeds,
with murder and mayhem he was most pleased.

First born of the afflicted saint,
led minions of hell, on earth to mar and taint.

With a pair of wings as black as night,
but eyes of a man with keenest sight.

Sliced through flesh with a razor sharp beak,
reeked of death when he overtook the weak.

Half of raven and half of man,
raven mockers was the name of his clan.

Imprinted by chance with the pale red one,
humanity was raised and the deed was done.

Striving to protect the love he felt,
welcomed light and to it he knelt.

Thus Rephaim the son of the cursed,
became a creature in sympathy immersed.

He now walks the earth in a brilliant guise,
turning all enemies into allies.

If he the damned can yet be saved,
purgatory shall no more have souls enslaved.

Images by sydifer3 & HotBlackAngel at www.deviantart.com


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